We All Belong Mississippi Mills (WABMM) is a fledgling group started in response to acts of intolerance in our community.  It plans to offer projects through which people can feel supported to share their stories, knowledge, and perspectives, in order to increase understanding and acceptance in our community.  We hope to share projects that illuminate and celebrate our existing and growing diversity in Mississippi Mills. We are a Town full of interesting people, from all walks of life, with all kinds of lived experiences.  The more we know about what it’s like to BE any one of us, the more we realize that we all belong.

Upcoming Projects

We would love to have your support as we launch our first project.

Would you like to be part of a new video project in Mississippi Mills?

Our first project is a video series entitled “My Mississippi Mills”. It is inspired by the “You Can’t Ask That” video series from Australia. In this series, people answer the types of questions that we all might be a little too polite to ask (though we do wonder) about our differences. In taking the time to listen to the answers, it ultimately highlights common fears and dreams.  

Our first video will showcase interracial marriage in Mississippi Mills. This is where you come in:  we are looking for project support! 

How You Can Help


Do you love video production, editing, and working with sound? Flex your technical muscle and bring awareness to inclusivity at the same time!
Email us, or fill in the survey below to get involved.

Interview Subjects

Do you and your partner identify as an interracial couple who live in Mississippi Mills?
If you want to share your story, with MM and the world, get in touch with us!

Journalist in Training

What kind of question would you want to ask an interracial couple if you had no “filter” to prevent you from asking this question? There are no dumb questions!
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